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Mrs. Virostko's 3rd Grade

Scholar Academy

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Welcome to 3rd Grade!

Hello!  Welcome to a new year at Scholar Academy! I would just like to take this opportunity to tell you a little bit about my classroom and the expectations I have for this upcoming school year.

I believe in cooperative learning.  My classroom is organized so that students are sitting in groups and will have opportunities to work with others. We practice and incorporate Kagan’s cooperative learning structures. However, students who cannot work cooperatively, and are causing conflict within a group will be removed from their group and lose certain classroom privileges.

          We will also be focusing on positive social skills. I expect my students to show proper manners and respect in my classroom and throughout the school. Inappropriate behavior in or out of the classroom can result in a variety of consequences depending on the severity of the infraction (losing class dollars, note home to parent, crossover to another classroom for think time, phone call home, or detention).

          I use a money system in my class.  Students earn money by following directions, completing assignments, turning in homework, participating in class, etc. Students will have an opportunity to spend their class dollars on prizes, coupons, etc. once a week.

          Students will not be allowed to have electronic devices in the classroom, or use them throughout the day. If your child has a cell phone, please make sure they understand it stays off or silent and in their locker. They may use it before and after school.

Please check here on my website ( for updates on classroom events, homework, schedules, etc. And feel free to contact me anytime.


          I believe that everyone has the potential to reach the highest expectations presented to them.  Encouragement, love, and patience are three of the most important things I implement when teaching my students. In showing my students respect, I also expect it in return. I look forward to a fun and exciting year. I have high hopes that by working together, we can all achieve our goals for higher learning.


Thank you,

Mrs. Virostko

3rd grade


Homework will be sent home on a weekly basis. I understand schedules are busy, so homework may be turned in any day of that week, but by Friday at the latest. If your child does NOT have homework for the week, I will send an email notifying you of the change. Homework will NOT be sent home the first week of school.

Welcome to Scholar!

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